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~ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~

Mahatma Gandhi

About NOCOShares

What can you accomplish in 90 days?

Start an exercise regimen? Learn a new language? Read a few books? Take a photo a day?

What if you could cut down and personally deliver a real Christmas tree with all the trimmings to a family who would otherwise go without?  Or help build a safe and stable home for a father of two? Or sponsor a teacher and provide classroom supplies like white boards, markers and pencils?

NOCOShares mission statementEvery 90 days, NOCOShares selects a project to not just support, but encourages and engages the community to also support monetarily or by volunteering time and energy.

You see, our team at NOCOShares immerses themselves in a project or organization for 90 days. We recruit help, fundraise, and turn into logistical wizards for three full months. Then we start the process all over again for the next inspirational endeavor...and the next 90 days.

Check out a list of our projects and accomplishments, with project descriptions and photo galleries, on our Archives page. We have to say, we are pretty proud of them.

How it all started…

Nearly a dozen years ago our founder, Ryan Behm, took a drive up in the mountains to cut down a Christmas tree for the mother of a friend that was struggling to make ends meet. Not only did he deliver a freshly cut tree and all of the trimmings, he delivered the spirit and magic of Christmas to a family that truly needed it.

The following year Ryan recruited his youth group at church and together they cut and delivered more than a dozen trees, tree stands, lights and decorations to local families in need.

Dubbed "The Gift of a Green Christmas Tree," this project continues to grow with 200 - 300 Christmas trees delivered every year. We rely heavily on the support and help of many local organizations, businesses and individuals, and the countless hours put in by dozens of dedicated volunteers along with your generous donations and monetary support to continue delivering that Christmas magic. 

The power of this project and that first Christmas tree ignited a passion. A year-round passion to pay it forward and give back to the community in tangible ways. A passion to provide the opportunities and inspire others to do the same. A passion to make a difference.

Ryan BehmNOCOShares officially became a 501c3 organization on February 24, 2012.

The Board of Directors

Ryan M. Behm - President

Michael D. Behm - Vice President of Community Relations

Kathie J. Robson - Treasurer/Secretary/Marketing Director